Medical Services at Osteopathic Manipulative and Medical Treatments

Osteopathic Manipulative and Medical Treatments, PLLC (OMMT) offers an array of medical services with emphasis on pain management. Our staff works with you to achieve long-term pain control by addressing the root cause(s) of your non-surgical pain issues including structural corrections, standing balance, core strength, muscle flexibility, muscle strength imbalances and leg length differences.

Pain Medications

Our physicians believe that pain medication should be used sparingly and work towards helping our patients "get offí of as many medications as possible. To limit the risk of over medication, it is the policy of OMMT that the prescribing of narcotic pain medications will be the responsibility of the patientís referring physician and/or the patientís Pain Management specialist.

Pain Management

Many factors can cause pain. These include, but are not limited to, structural dysfunction or mis-alignment of the spine and/or extremities, nerve pain from pressure caused by arthritic boney growths and/or disc protrusion (bulges), inflammation, and structural stresses from obesity.

Structural pain is frequently unsuccessfully controlled by medications alone and requires the addition of structural correction through osteopathic manipulation (OMT) or calming of the nervous system through acupuncture. Maintenance of good structural function requires balance, flexibility, and core strength. Nerve pain can also be successfully controlled through a combination of traditional and contemporary treatments. Inflammatory processes such as fibromyalgia and joint pain frequently require medications but, in most cases, favorably respond to a combination of osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture treatments. Structural strains from obesity respond best to weight loss and strengthening exercises.

Motor Vehicle and Workman's Comp Injury Patients

The physicians at OMMT cannot consider treatment of motor vehicle accident patients or workmanís compensation patients currently involved in litigation unless written guarantee of payment is received first from the insurance carriers involved. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Scoliosis and Short Leg Syndrome

Pain may also arise from a short leg causing scoliosis. In severe cases, unequal leg lengths must be balanced with the use of a heel lift. Heel lifts come in many different materials and may be used inside the shoe or added to the bottom of the heel and sole of the patientís shoe. The pelvis may asymmetrical, meaning one side is smaller than the other. This condition can be the cause of back and neck pain. This condition can be treated with the use of an ischeal lift. OMMT offers a selection of lifts in a variety of sizes:

Lift and Orthotics Products Information Page Coming Soon!

Rehabilitation Medicine

OMMT offers patientís balance training, muscle flexibility, and core strengthening exercises based on the works of Dr. Philip Greenman, DO and Valdamir Janda. Our physicians also strongly believe in benefit of water aerobics, yoga, tai chi, pilates, and physical therapy utilizing local programs whenever possible.

Rehabilitation Programs Information Page Coming Soon!

General Medical Care

OMMT offers our patients general medical care for conditions related to pain issues; for example treatment of sinusitis when associated with complaints such as facial and head pain or treatment of bronchitis when associated with complaints such as chest/rib discomfort. Our physicians also provide medical oversight for all weight loss and diet modifications. However, our physicians currently:

  • Do not act as primary care providers.
  • Do not call in prescriptions after-hours or on weekends.
Patientís needing afterhours care are required to go to the emergency room or minor emergency clinic of their choice.

Nutritional Guidance and Medical Weight Loss Programs

The physicians at OMMT are dedicated to improving the health of our patientís by encouraging healthy eating habits, healthy lifestyle modifications, and by helping our patientís to achieve their optimal weight. We offer a variety of programs individually structured to fit the needs of our patients, including the hCG weight loss program.

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